Getting in Nepal

Nepal flights, 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Nepal are the major concern for the traveler coming in Nepal. Nepal being a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, one can get into Nepal either by flight or land through India or China. You can get the Nepal entry visa on your arrival at Kathmandu airport thus it is easy to Getting in Nepal.


Nepal flights, 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Nepal


1. Social Etiquette in Nepal


Greet the locals by placing your palms together in a prayer style and saying “Namaste” or “Namaskar”. Use the terms “Dai” for men and “Didi” for women. Avoid stepping over someone‘s outstretched legs or touching anyone with your feet as it is an impolite manner. Note that it is never acceptable to wear revealing clothing (including shorts), particularly for women. While swimming, stick to a one-piece and leave the bikini at home. Public displays of affection are also frowned upon in Nepal.

If you are lucky enough to be invited into a Nepali home, remember to remove your shoes before entering. Wash your hands and mouth prior to eating. Always wait for the host to serve you and avoid “polluting” food by letting it come into contact with a used plate or utensil. Don‘t use your own spoon or fork to serve food. Bon appetit!


2. Adventure Experiences in Nepal


Grab the best gears and hire a guide, as the woods and mountain areas can be tricky and getting lost or injured is a real risk. If mountain climbing is on your itinerary, be aware of and prepared for the possibility of altitude sickness and frostbite. Dress accordingly and do not take on more than you can handle. Whatever your pleasure, be aware of the risks and use caution during your adventures.


3. Water Safety in Nepal


Pack a boiling pan and filter for the tap water. Water from the tap is not safe for consumption, even if it is from your hotel.

Remember to also avoid fruit that may have been washed in contaminated water or drinking soft drinks with ice in them, as the ice may have been made from tap water. Stick to bottled water, which can be found in just about every store in the country


4. Nepali Food (Dal Bhat)


Typical Nepali food is called Dal Bhat and is made up of rice and lentils. Side dishes usually include a variety of fresh vegetables such as potatoes and cauliflower.  Traditional Nepali food is often spicy, but you can usually specify how mild or hot you want it when ordering. You can get a taste of this customary cuisine at just about any local restaurant, which is plentiful throughout the country.


5. Everest Mountain Flight Tours


If climbing the infamous mountain is not your forte, you can still behold its wonders and majesty by taking a scenic flight, which are offered by a number of different local airlines. All flights depart from Kathmandu between the hours of 7 and 9. Drift above the clouds, over snowcapped peaks, and view the spectacular array of lakes, glaciers, rivers, and gorges below. You can book Mountain Flight now.

Of all the countries located in South Asia, Nepal is perhaps the most incredible to visit. From breathtaking terrain that practically begs to be explored to friendly, colorful locals who are eager to share their culture and traditions with visitors, a trip to this exotic land is sure to entice, excite and inspire even the most intrepid traveler.

These five tips will give you the inside scoop on what to expect on your visit to Nepal and help you get the very most out of your amazing journey. It is even better as Nepal Lion Treks & Tours provides you all.


Nepal flights, 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Nepal


| By Land: Driving into Kathmandu Nepal



Bus transport
















a. Entry points between Nepal and India

  • Kakarbhitta and Jogbini – eastern part of Nepal
  • Birgung – Central part of Nepal
  • Belari, Nepalganj, Dhangadi, and Mahendranagar in the Western part of Nepal


b. Entry points between Nepal and Tibet China

  • Kodari and Kerung in the central part of Nepal


| By Air: Flying into Kathmandu Nepal


















Nepal has only one International airport called Tribhuvan airport in Kathmandu. There are many International flights that connect with Kathmandu Nepal.


Nepal Airlines:                  Delhi, Bangkok, Hongkong, Dubai, Doha, and Kuala Lumpur

Thai Airways:                    Bangkok every day

Qatar Airways:                  Doha every day

Jet Airways:                       Delhi and Mumbai

Indian airlines:                  Delhi

Air India:                            Delhi

Etihad Airways:                 Abu Dhabi

Fly Dubai                            Dubai

Bahrain Air                         Bahrain

Dragon air                           Hongkong

Korean air                           Seoul

Silk air                                  Singapore

Air China                             Chengdu / Lhasa

China Southern                  Guangzhou

Biman Bangladesh            Dhaka

GMG airlines                      Dhaka

Pakistan Airlines               Karachi

Druk Air                              Paro (Bhutan)

Air Arabia                           Sharjah

Malindo air                         Kualalumpur (daily)

Malaysian Air                     Kualalumpur (daily)

Air Asia                                Kuala Lumpur (daily)

Himalaya air                       Doha

China Eastern                     Kunming

Sichuan airlines                 Chengdu and Lhasa

Oman air                              Muscat


Flight Cancellation


Owning to its demanding geographical location and climatic variation, the domestic flights in Nepal are mostly prone to flight delays and cancellation. As the Tribhuwan International Airport in Nepal doesn’t have the technology of Instrumental Landing System, the adverse weather conditions like heavy rain, thick fog, strong winds, etc. may lead to flight delays and cancellation.



flights cancelled
















Also, the topography of Nepal is difficult, therefore it is safe not to take off the flight in those adverse weather conditions. As you can know from the best trekking season in our website, autumn season (November- September) is the most preferred trekking season when the weather is dry, clear and stable. At this time of year, flight delays and cancellation is very rare.


For other seasons, weather cannot be guaranteed. Monsoon season (June- August) is highly prone to flight delays and cancellation. The strong winds, rain, and patchy clouds make the view unclear. Also, in the winter season, flights may get canceled due to thick fog.


Therefore, if you are traveling to Nepal, it is recommended to apportion one or two days for spare in case your flight gets canceled and you are in short of scheduled time. In other cases, road transportation can be an option.


However, in the case of a flight to Lukla, you may have to change your entire schedule if you are in short of time as there is no other option owing to its dramatic location.


(Note: Travel Insurance is highly recommended. In case of flight cancellation, if you are in short of time and are unable to catch your scheduled flight back in Kathmandu, Nepal Lion Treks can charter a helicopter at your service. However, the cost should be borne by you which can later be claimed through the insurance company.)

Therefore, knowledge about Nepal flights, 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Nepal helps you out.