Mustang Region

Mustang Treks Packages show one of the challenging and adventurous treks of Nepal. This gives the experience and joy to the one who will have the desire to treks.  Mustang  Treks  offers the rich Himalayan cultural experience where there is the perfect combination of Cultural heritage, Himalayan beauty. Similarly,  snow capped mountains and biological and natural diversity. Mustang  treks requires the good physical condition of one who will desiring to do the treks.

Firstly, The upper mustang Treks brings you the Buddhist kingdom which has contributed to a highly preserved Tibetan culture. The mustang district is one of the most inspiring historical sites in the country. There are several caves monasteries forts temple chhortens mans etc. Which has contributed the mustang as one of the popular destination of Nepal for the trekking.

Secondly, The most convenient way to reach the upper mustang is to fly from pokhara to Jomsom which is one of the most adventurous way to reach the jomsom because of deepest gorgr of the world Kali Gandaki which will run and flows between the Dhaulagiri and Nilgir  Mountains,we will follow those path to reach in the kagbeni which is one of the most interesting and famous place of Mustang.When we enter towards the Manthang we can see the museum Royal palace beautiful monasteries like Thungchen Gumba which has built on 15th century.

Finally, The upper Mustang area is the restricted area for the foreigner till 1992 but nowadays foreigner pays 500$ for a permit fee to reach the Mustang. The trekking in mustang is great for the monsoon month where the environment will be clear to watch the scenery of the mountain.