Kanchhenjunga Circuit Trek-25 Days

Trip Highlights

  • Magnificent views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Jannu, Mera Peak, and many others.
  • The beautiful remote villages in the Kanchenjunga region.
  • The settlements of Tibetan refugees on the Kanchenjunga Trekking Routes.
  • Wildlife species in Kanchenjunga region like musk deer, snow leopard, blue sheep.

Trip Introduction

Kanchhenjunga Circuit Trek is one of the most beautiful trekking trails in Nepal. The Kanchhenjunga Circuit Trek takes you to one of the mountain massifs in the world, Mt. Kanchenjunga. Kanchenjunga means ‘Five Treasures of the Great Snow’ in the Tibetan language. They denote the five summits that make up the Kanchenjunga range. Kanchenjunga Trekking is an unspoiled trekking trail in eastern Nepal. It is a restricted trekking region. You must trek with a local guide and at least 2 trekkers. This is the most follow rule set by the Government of Nepal.


The trail to the Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek is less crowded. The trek rewards the trekkers with a unique insight into the remote part of Eastern Nepal. Also, you can witness the rural lifestyles in the region. Trekking in Kanchenjunga offers the most beautiful Himalayan scenery. You will see the best views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Makalu, and Jahnu Himal. You will also see towering heights of Mt. Rothang and Kabru above a moraine on the Nepal-Sikkim border. During the trek, you will see the gradual changes in the landscape. The trek offers diversified vegetation and wildlife. On the trek, we will pass through the protected areas of the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area. We can see several wildlife and birds like pheasant, dragon, snow leopard, black bear, red panda, etc.


Trek Route on Kanchhenjunga Circuit Trek


The trek route passes through Himalayan coniferous forests, alpine shrubs, meadows, and grasslands. The natural beauty is mesmerizing! The trail is culturally rewarding. Along the route, we will encounter mixed cultures, ethnic communities, and tribes. The trek is a combination of the tea house and camp trekking. This adventure rewards you with amazing memories to cherish for a lifetime.


Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is a chance to reach the base camp of the world’s third tallest mountain on a remote mountain trail ideal for trekkers who enjoy the solitude. Located in the far north-eastern corner of Nepal, Mt. Kanchenjunga is considered to be one of the most beautiful mountain massifs in the world. The name Kanchenjunga means ‘Five Treasures of the Great Snow’ which is in reference to the five summits that make up Kanchenjunga.


The 25-day circuit trek begins after we fly to Bhadrapur from Kathmandu.  The long journey on a less crowded path also rewards us with a unique insight into the rural Nepalese lifestyle of the country’s eastern region.


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Outline Itinenary

  • Day 01:  Arrival in Kathmandu (1,300m /4,264 ft)
  • Day 02:  Kathmandu: sightseeing and trek preparation
  • Day 03:  Fly from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur (2,420m/7938ft), Drive to Taplejung; 45 min flight & 9 hours drive
  • Day 04:  Taplejung to Lalikharka (2265m/7,431ft): 4 – 5 hours trek
  • Day 05:  Lalikharka to Khesewa (2120m/6,955ft): 5 - 6 hours trek
  • Day 06:  Khesewa to Mamankhe (1785m/5,856ft): 5 - 6 hours trek
  • Day 07:  Mamankhe to Yamphudin (2080m/6824ft): 4 -5 hours
  • Day 08:  Yamphudin to Tortong (2,995m/9,826ft): 7 -8 hours
  • Day 09:  Tortong to Cheram (3,870m/12,696ft): 2 -3 hours
  • Day 10:  Cheram: Acclimatization and Rest
  • Day 11:  Cheram to Ramchaur (Ramche) (4,580m/15,026ft): 3 – 4 hours
  • Day 12:  Ramchaur (Ramche) to Yalung Base Camp (4500m), back to Cheram: 3 – 4 hours
  • Day 13:  Cheram to Sele La (4290m/ 14,074ft) : 6 -7 hours
  • Day 14:  Sele La to Ghunsa (3,595/11,794) : 2 -3 hours
  • Day 15:  Ghunsa to Kambachen (4,050m/13,287ft) : 5 -6 hours
  • Day 16:  Kambachen to Lhonak (4,780m/15,682ft) : 5 -6 hours
  • Day 17:  Kanchenjunga base camp, overnight at Pangpema (5,143/16,873ft): 6 -7 hours
  • Day 18:  Pangpema to Lhonak : 3 – 4 hours
  • Day 19:  Lhonak to Ghunsa (3475m/11,400ft) :6 -7 hours
  • Day 20:  Ghunsa to Amjilosa (2,308m/7,572ft) : 5 -6 hours
  • Day 21:  Amjilosa to Chirwa (1,270m/4,166ft) : 6 -7 hours
  • Day 22:  Chirwa to Taplejung via Mitlung (921m/3020 m): 7 -8 hours trek
  • Day 23:  Taplejung to Bhadrapur: 9 hours drive
  • Day 24:  Fly to Kathmandu
  • Day 25:  Final departure


  • Day 01:  Arrival in Kathmandu (1,300m /4,264 ft)

    We complete our custom formalities at the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. Afterward, there is a Himalayan Glacier representative waiting for us at the gate who will take us to our hotel. We can then spend the rest of the day taking rest. In the evening, we get to try Nepalese cuisine at a welcome dinner hosted by Himalayan Glacier. Overnight in Kathmandu.

  • Day 02: Kathmandu: sightseeing and trek preparation

    We visit four landmarks in Kathmandu, three of which are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We tour Swayambhunath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, and Bauddhanath Stupa. After the tour, we meet our entire trekking team, and our guides will tell us what we can expect on our trek. Overnight in Kathmandu.

  • Day 03:  Fly from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur (2,420m/7938ft), Drive to Taplejung; 45 min flight & 9 hours drive

    From Kathmandu, we get an early morning flight to Bhadrapur which is located in the Mechi Zone of southeastern Nepal and then drive to Taplejung.

  • Day 04: Taplejung to Lalikharka (2265m/7,431ft): 4 – 5 hours trek

    On Day 4 we will head to Lalikharka by 5 hours of trekking. Lalikharka is a beautiful village in Panchthar District in the Mechi Zone of eastern Nepal. It is a simultaneous ascent and descent on a trail that mostly passes through lush green forests all the way to Lalikharkha

  • Day 05:  Lalikharka to Khesewa (2120m/6,955ft): 5 - 6 hours trek

    We begin our trek to Khesewa after breakfast. It is mostly an easy descent until Phundrawa. From here we begin our ascent. It is a steep climb until Yangpang from where we climb steadily up until Phumphe Danda followed by another ascent to Khesewa. Our trek will be through forests and small villages. Overnight in Khesewa.

  • Day 06: Khesewa to Mamankhe (1785m/5,856ft): 5 - 6 hours trek

    After breakfast, we begin our trek towards the Kabeli Khola. Next, we walk on a trail that passes through forests before crossing a small stream. On the way, we enjoy amazing views of the Himalayan peaks while also passing through several beautiful small villages. Overnight in Mamankhe.

  • Day 07: Mamankhe to Yamphudin (2080m/6824ft): 4 -5 hours

    Today’s trek will be mostly uphill on an easy trail whereby we mostly walk alongside the Kabeli Khola. During the walk, we also admire the beautiful ridge behind the stream. We continue our walk and admire a beautiful waterfall nearby. After walking for some time, we cross a small suspension bridge. We pass through small settlements before reaching Yamphudin to spend the night.

  • Day 08: Yamphudin to Tortong (2,995m/9,826ft): 7 -8 hours

    We begin our walk on a path commonly used by the villagers and pass through terraced farms and green meadows. Along the way, we have the constant company of the Himalayas to enjoy. Our walk will be on a trail along the Amji Khola. We also cross a pass at Lassiya Bhanjyang before reaching Tortong. Overnight in Tortong.

  • Day 09:  Tortong to Cheram (3,870m/12,696ft): 2 -3 hours

    We begin our steady climb to Cheram after breakfast. Our trail is right at the side of the Simbuwa Khola. We enjoy walking in the beautiful Lalung valley and have Tuplung peak for the company for the most of today’s journey. We pass through thick rhododendron forest and enjoy the magnificence of the Yalung Glacier. Overnight in Cheram.

  • Day 10: Cheram: Acclimatization and Rest

    We spend a day in Cheram which will help us acclimatize to the high altitude. We can spend the rest of the day resting and taking part in small hikes. We can explore the areas around the Yalung Glacier. There is also a viewpoint for Kabaru and Rathong peaks. Overnight in Cheram.

  • Day 11:  Cheram to Ramchaur (Ramche) (4,580m/15,026ft): 3 – 4 hours

    We begin our short trek after breakfast. From Cheram, we ascend for sometime before reaching the snout of the Yalung Glacier. It is a beautiful walk on a valley trail. We also cherish the views of several Himalayan peaks. We pass through a small settlement of Lapsang before reaching Ramche. Overnight in Ramche.

  • Day 12: Ramchaur (Ramche) to Yalung Base Camp (4500m), back to Cheram: 3 – 4 hours

    From Ramche, we walk further up the valley. We then follow a stream before climbing on the moraine top until confronted by Kanchenjunga’s southern face. We walk further ahead for a glimpse of the Jannu Himal. We continue our trek further towards the Oktang Monastery. From here, we climb further up and reach the Yalung Base Camp. The views from the base camp are extraordinary. Kumbakarna (Jannu), Nyukla Lachung and other Himalayan peaks are close by. We descend and spend the night at Cheram.

  • Day 13: Cheram to Sele La (4290m/ 14,074ft) : 6 -7 hours

    We begin our trek after breakfast. We cross four passes today beginning with Sinelapche Bhanjyang. After crossing the pass, we continue to Mirgin La pass. We continue trekking and reach the Sinion La pass which is not very far. From here, we ascend to Sele La pass. There are prayer flags strung across one of the steeper sections of the trail which is very near to the Sele La pass. We cross the pass. Overnight in Sele La.

  • Day 14: Sele La to Ghunsa (3,595/11,794) : 2 -3 hours

    We begin our trek after breakfast. We walk towards the north with Tangbgharma Danda nearby. We reach a chorten marked by prayer flags which marks the start of a steep trail. We descend through rhododendron, birch and pine forests before reaching Ghunsa. It is a beautiful village with houses with dark and weathered pine walls and Buddhist prayer flags. Overnight in Ghunsa.

  • Day 15:  Ghunsa to Kambachen (4,050m/13,287ft) : 5 -6 hours

    From Ghunsa, we trek further north along the river bank which presents us with magnificent mountain scenery. We pass through meadows filled with beautiful wildflowers, then cross rhododendron and pine forests. We cross a bridge at Rampuk Kharka, continue past a waterfall and cross the tricky section of a landslide. After crossing the landslide area, we begin to see the spectacular view of Mt. Jannu. Further exploring and tackling the tricky mountain trail we finally arrive at Kambachen and spend the night.

  • Day 16: Kambachen to Lhonak (4,780m/15,682ft) : 5 -6 hours

    Today will be another challenging day, and an early start is needed. We trek through rocky fields and large boulders on the hillside along the riverbank and arrive at a waterfall. We then cross a bridge to Ramtang monastery. We then come across a landslide section which we must pass through at a steady pace before descending to the river and finally arriving at Lhonak. Overnight in Lhonak.

  • Day 17: Kanchenjunga base camp, overnight at Pangpema (5,143/16,873ft): 6 -7 hours

    From Lhonak, we trek towards the Kanchenjunga Base Camp. Our trail is alongside the gigantic Kanchenjunga Glacier. After passing Pangpema, we descend towards the Kanchenjunga Base Camp. The view from the base camp is extraordinary. Mt. Kanchenjunga, Jannu Himal, and other Himalayan peaks are ours to admire. We descend back to Pangpema to spend the night.

  • Day 18: Pangpema to Lhonak : 3 – 4 hours

    From Pangpema we trace back our steps to Lhonak. Overnight in Lhonak.

  • Day 19:  Lhonak to Ghunsa (3475m/11,400ft) :6 -7 hours

    From Lhonak, we descend all the way to Ghunsa via Kambache. It is the same route we took when we were climbing up.

  • Day 20: Ghunsa to Amjilosa (2,308m/7,572ft) : 5 -6 hours

    From Ghunsa, we descend towards Phale. We pass through several Manes and a monastery nearby. We walk through Juniper forests and reach Phale. From here, it is a steady descent to Gyabla. We cross a bridge over Chhundatangka Khola to reach Gyabla. As we continue our trek, we see a waterfall nearby. We also cross a suspension bridge over Sumbung Khola before reaching Amjilosa. Overnight in Amjilosa.

  • Day 21:  Amjilosa to Chirwa (1,270m/4,166ft) : 6 -7 hours

    After walking for a while, we see a beautiful waterfall nearby. We continue our trek and pass a small settlement of Solima before crossing a suspension bridge over Ghunsa Khola. We cross another suspension bridge over Ghunsa Khola and reach Sukathum. Our trail passes through several villages and is beside Thunsa Khola at first followed by Tamor Nadi before reaching Chirwa. Overnight in Chirwa.

  • Day 22: Chirwa to Taplejung via Mitlung (921m/3020 m): 7 -8 hours trek

    After a wonderful time in Chirwa, we head to Taplejung by trekking for 8 hours. The trekking trails along the way to Mitlung offers greenery at it’s best, floras and faunas and especially quaint villages always ready to welcome us.

  • Day 23:  Taplejung to Bhadrapur: 9 hours drive

    We move toward Bhadrapur from Taplejung by bus. The ride will last for 9 hours.

  • Day 24: Fly to Kathmandu

    Our amazing journey to the Kanchenjunga circuit comes to an end today. There will be a farewell dinner hosted by Himalayan Glacier in the evening to celebrate the successful completion of our Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek. Overnight in Kathmandu.

  • Day 25:  Final departure

    We check our belongings one more time before leaving for the airport. A Himalayan Glacier representative will pick us up from the hotel and drop us off at the airport three hours before the scheduled flight.

Cost Includes and Excludes

Cost Includes

  • Airport picks up & drop by private vehicle to hotel.
  • Necessary paperwork and Trekking Permits fee
  • Accommodation during trek and Meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a cup of coffee or tea)
  • Licensed English or Chinese or Korean or Hindi along with Nepali speaking Friendly trekking guide.
  • Coverage of Guides including their Meals, Insurance, Salary, Lodging, transportation and other necessary equipment.
  • First Aid Medical Kit (Carried by the guide).
  • Sleeping bag, down jackets and trekking map, if necessary.
  • Emergency Evacuation Assistance Service (The cost of the helicopter, hospital and necessary transport are not payable by the company).
  • Welcome or farewell dinner in Kathmandu at a cultural restaurant (complimentary).
  • A nation-wide operated Mobile SIM Card and a map of the trekking region.

Optional Addons

  • Porter (We can arrange porter for your trek).

Cost Disincludes

  • International airfare.
  • Nepal Entry Visa fee: you can obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport.
  • Personal Travel insurance which has to cover emergency high-altitude rescue and evacuation compulsor
  • Personal expense (shopping, snacks, boil bottle water, hot and cold drinks, hot shower, Alcohol, Wi-Fi, telephone call, battery re-chargefee).
  • Accommodation, Lunches and dinners in Kathmandu, except the farewell dinner.
  • Emergency expenses such as expenses on charted helicopter.
  • Additional costs or delays caused by out of management control, for example, landslide, weather condition, itinerary modification due to safety concerns, illness, change of government policies etc.
  • Gratitude and tips for your guide, porter and driver.

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